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Hi there!  My name is Andrew and this is my blog for beginner investing.  I am 29 years old(2112) as of now and I have been working professionally for the last 4 years.  I earn a decent living and realized that my savings is growing pretty well.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is there is a thing called inflation in this country and basically all countries where your money today is worth less every day.

I can think of tons of examples like gas prices, bridge tolls, food prices, and a bunch of other things that have gone up 2-4x just in the past 12 years.  This means your money you made back 12 years ago is worth only 25-50% of what it was worth without proper investing.  Investing is something everyone needs to do and I have been researching a lot of methods on investing now that I actually have money that is accumulating.

Feel free to comment and contact me with any ideas you may have.  My email is andrew AT phacade dot com.