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Lending Club Review – How To Invest In Peer To Peer Lending

This is one of the easiest ways I found to invest money AND has a pretty good return!  What i’m talking about is peer to peer lending.  In a nutshell, it is loaning out your money to people and collecting interest on your money.  You finally get to become a loan shark! What is Lending

How To Track And Manage Your Money For Free

The old days of balancing your checkbook by hand is over!  A lot of you reading this may not even know what balancing a checkbook is.  It is a cumbersome technique where you take your bank balance, and for every check you spend or deposit, you update by hand in a ledger to maintain the current balance

Why Is Investing Important?

I remember when I started driving back in 1999 at the good old age of 16 and gas was about $1.15 in Los Angeles.  I didn’t think much of it since I never monitored gas prices prior to that.  Flash forward to 12 years later and gas is now $4.50 for the same exact product!

Free Checking Account With No ATM Fees

Hi investors!  Do you have a checking account earning no interest on your money and still paying ATM fees?  Well this one is a no brainer then.  Charles Schwab has a checking account service and it is awesome.  I’ve been using them for like the past 5 years and I have no complaints. PROS: Free

Welcome to Investing For Beginners HQ!

Welcome to Investing For Beginners HQ.  My name is Andrew and I am going to blog about simple investing tips anyone and everyone should do.  I plan to make things simple and not go into crazy algorithms which will take forever to learn.  Stay tuned for tips to come!